FAQs, Policies

We have listed below some of the common questions asked about Flexi Cabin and Meeting Rooms. If this does not address all your queries, feel free to contact us.

Flexi Cabin is an option to work out of a private cabin along with your team, this can be booked on a per day basis whereas Meeting Room is primarily for the purpose of a meeting/conference and is booked on an hourly basis.

    Bookings- Flexi Cabins/Meeting Rooms

    Bookings can only be done through the website for Flexi Cabins and Meeting Rooms. It will go live on the app soon.

    Unfortunately, no. As of now, there are no free trials for Flexi Cabin and Meeting Room. This is a new product for us and we are also figuring out everything here. Currently the trial feature is not yet enabled. You are required to book a flexi cabin / meeting room to avail the services.

    Flexi cabins are charged for the entire day on the basis of the number of people coming in; Example if it is a 4 seater private cabin, charges will approx be INR 1000-1200 plus taxes. Charges vary from INR 250-300/ day/ seat plus taxes. You will also see some cabins, giving you that flexibility where you do not have to book all the seats in the cabin and just pay for the number of people who will use the cabin. Do not worry, that does not mean you will have to share the cabin! It is just slightly more economical for you that way. Ex: If a 10 seater cabin is priced at 250 INR per person and has a minimum booking requirement of 5 people, you can do any of the following: If you are 5 or less, to book the entire cabin you still need to pay 5 x 250 INR + taxes. The cabin is still reserved for you entirely If you are 6, to book the entire cabin you will have to pay 6 x 250 INR + taxes. The cabin is still reserved for you entirely

    Meeting rooms are charged on an hourly basis depending on the hours required and the seating capacity; Example if a 4 meeting room is booked for 2 hours, charges will vary from INR 600-800 plus taxes for two hours. A rough mathematical reference to meeting room pricing is: ~100 INR per seat per hour. If you book a 4 seater meeting room, it is ~400 INR per hour; 6 seater meeting room, it is ~600 INR per hour. The pricing is independent of the number of people coming. Also, the number of people in the meeting cannot exceed the number of seats.

    The operating hours and working days are mentioned on the website. Some spaces even provide meeting rooms for 24 hours everyday.

    All the meeting rooms have a seating arrangement already in place so if any customized setup is required we would request you to inform us of the same at the time of booking so that the partner space can arrange for it timely. If you think you need 15-30minutes before the meeting to prepare, we do recommend booking the meeting room 30minutes in advance to ensure everything is streamlined as per your comfort.

    Yes, multiple bookings can be done. You can select the date and number of people (Flexi Cabin)/ number of hours (Meeting Room) for a particular coworking space and add to cart. Then repeat the same process for the next date.

    You can book a meeting room upto the seating capacity mentioned in the website listing. If more chairs are to be added then the same can be arranged with extra charges.

    You will be receiving an email confirmation via myHQ with the booking details once the payment transaction has been completed on the website.

    Payment has to be made in advance to avail the services for both Flexi Cabin/Meeting Rooms. You will receive booking confirmation along with details post payment transaction.

    Yes, you can book the meeting room at once for multiple days. You may select the date range while booking. Example: If you have meetings daily from 1st-3rd, you may select all three days at once. Alternately, you may also book separately for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (one transaction at a time).

    We allow payments via credit card, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, UPI.

    No, flexible cabins can be booked on a per day basis. They are very economical as it is and hence we have kept them on a daily basis only.

    A gift card is a pre-purchased card for booking your flexi cabin/meeting room at a later date. You can subscribe to any of the gift cards post which you will receive a code over provided email address. You can use the same code while bookings and the booking amount will be deducted from your gift card. Our gift card option starts from INR 2,000 - 20,000. A gift card is valid for 1 year.

    Yes, you can purchase a gift card here which effectively gives you credits in bulk. That gift card- will have a unique voucher code which you can use every time when booking a space. In that way, you have just paid once at the beginning and post that just use the voucher. A gift card is valid for 1 year.

    Please contact us directly at flexicabin@myhq.in in case of any changes required post booking confirmation and transaction.

    If there is no booking beyond your time, it is usually fine / not a major concern that you take 5-10minutes extra.. However if this is getting extended beyond 15 minutes, you will be charged for an extra hour.

    No, there will be no security deposit applicable for flexi cabins or meeting rooms bookings.

    Upon arrival, the coworking space might request for an identification so we suggest you to please carry any valid photo ID proof. To make the overall experience smoother, we recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking.

    Payments are made via the website only. We do not accept payment on-site at any of our locations.

    Yes, If there are no other bookings for the day post your time, you can extend your hours. However it will be chargeable as per the product pricing. We request you to book for further hours from the product listing page directly.

    While we do not have a team product yet in place, what we have seen companies do is:

    • Take an admin account -Sign up on the website with that.
    • Purchase a gift card for that, to purchase in bulk on behalf of the company.
    • Use the voucher of the gift card to book spaces whenever you need; Different team members login from the account and book the space.


    In both products, you will get access to the WiFi. You will also be provided with complimentary Tea/Coffee with the booking (complimentary might be capped at 2 per person at some locations). Besides this, in meeting room listings you will see various other amenities that we also provide to ensure you have a seamless meeting. Some of the amenities can be: whiteboard, LED screen, Audio video conferencing, etc. Please refer to the amenities on each product listing page as they do vary on a product to product basis..

    A few of our spaces do have food centres/ cafes so you can pay and order. You can pay for that directly in the canteen. We do however provide complimentary tea/ coffee (might be capped at 2 per person at some locations). At all our locations, you will be allowed to bring in your own meals.

    Meals are allowed at coworking spaces and you can carry your own meals.

    The manager/ receptionist will be available at the centre assisting you and a password will be provided at that time.

    Our locations have on-site staff who are there to greet your guests and help them get settled in the meeting with you. They will be able to direct guests on where to go to get to the room, and assist with any requests during the meeting.

    This will depend upon our partner space’s terms and conditions so for any such special request, you would need to inform us 24 hours in advance so that we can check with the partner space. Usually many spaces refuse access to meeting rooms for interviews, if not informed in advance.

    Yes, there is staff at the reception to guide you and your guests. If your guest reaches before you, the staff will direct them to the room reserved for you.

    Depending on the scale of setup/customization required by you, we will assess the additional charges (if any). You would need to inform us 24 hours in advance for any such special requests. Largely we do not have an issue if you bring your equipment, however you are requested to inform us before the visit itself.

    Most of our workspaces have security staff & security cameras installed to ensure complete safety.

    Complimentary parking is available at some of our centers, at others it will be paid. You can find it mentioned under amenities of the coworking space listing if the parking is paid or free.

    Cancellation Policy

    You may cancel the booking upto 6 hours prior to the booking time. The same has to be put over email on the booking confirmation mail you receive (with the myHQ team and the space team in the loop). If cancellation is not informed prior to the 6 hours then refund will not be applicable.

    Yes, you can reschedule the booking upto 6 hours prior to the booking time. However this can be given some leeway, if you are looking to reschedule at the same center. If the center accepts, you can reschedule upto 2 hours before booking time. The same has to be put over email on the booking confirmation mail you receive (with the myHQ team and the space team in loop).

    Refund is only processed once cancellation has been accepted. It is usually done through the same payment mode as the booking payment is received. It takes about 10 business days to reflect the refund amount in the customer's account. There are no refunds in case of gift cards

    As of now, this is not part of the product pipeline. However for such special requests, please reach out to us 48 hours in advance (at flexicabin@myhq.in) so that we can communicate the same to the partner space. This would vary space to space depending on the space rules & availability. For any additional charges, we will inform you.

    Still have unanswered questions? Feel free to write to us at contact@myhq.in in case of any other queries!